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Arcimoto FAQ
(02-09-2018, 03:27 PM)DanCooper Wrote: One reason for the FUV besides fun is to develop a lifestyle that will make a sustainable future possible. Another part of that will be to consume a lot less stuff. I can hardly ever envision a shopping trip that would more than fill the rear seat of an FUV. The main exception is construction supplies. That is what pickup trucks are for.

My wife & I always shop together, so that rules out using the fold-down rear seat as additional cargo area.

We shop in Joplin for cost savings on bulk purchases at Sam's and discount stores that do not exist here in my home town.

Driving an ICE vehicle to shop defeats the purpose of owning an EV, IMHO.

The FU in Arcimoto FUV may officially stand for Fun Utility, but in my mind it is a big F* U* to the greedy oil companies who are reaping billions in profits from us while they systematically destroy our natural resources.  Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, anyone?
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I can imagine a "push trailer" for an FUV. It would be made from the front end of a small car with an automatic transmission. Control it by wire, with redundant safety shutdowns. Add enough space for camping gear. It would make long road trips practicsl (until the charging infrastructure is better developed), and would be removed when you get where you are going. Probably a dumb idea, but who knows?

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