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Investor Conference Call
The following was posted to the Arcimoto website:

Conference call in details:
Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 10 a.m. EDT
To call in and listen, dial +1 (669) 900 6833 meeting ID 611 899 801.
If you would like to participate with a question, you can join the audio conference at the following link:
International numbers available:

Sadly, I don't know that I can make it that early. I hope there's a recording.
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My first investor conference call. It was very basic. Not many attendees. I'm guessing thats because the average demographic customer (male, 45-65, per Mark) is at work. I only made it because I'm working second shift today.

I should have either saved the chat, or taken better notes. Arcimoto has received all the building permits from Eugene OR to begin construction on the factory as of October 1. The basic timeline is to fill some of the Signature Series last quarter this year, and the balance first quarter next year. The current reservation count is 1821, and Mark expects to fill the backlog of preorders next year.

He did a numbers thing in his opening remarks. (Trying to interpret my notes)

0 = the number of vehicles delivered to customers. (I think everyone knows where that stands.)
= Vehicle number Zero will be delivered in the last quarter of this year! (Read that as soon!!)
= There have been zero stock re-sales to this point (not counting trading on the open market). Investors are standing strong.
= Arcimoto as a company has zero debt.
= There have been zero down rounds. (No sale of stock has been valued less than the previous round)
1 = Mark talked briefly about the stock value on the NASDAQ dropping to below 5 (currently at 4.89). If it drops to 1, that means the stock value is equal the amount of investment that has been raised.
24 = The number of months of operating capacity on hand.

The team is growing. Terry Becker is moving into the CFO position. Another hire on October 15, and more to come as production is ramped up.

Now I'm trying to remember questions.
- There has not been a drag coefficient established yet.
- Batteries are sourced from Farasis.
- Opportunities outside the US are always under consideration, but nothing to be made public at this time.
- An opportunity on CNBC was canceled because Arcimoto doesn't yet meet the 250M market cap yet. Yet.
- The revamped website is under construction, allowing for customer account interaction.
- There are preorders from every state. More roadshows are in the planning stages to reach out to preorder customers and increase overall familiarity/interest in the product.

My take on all this: The factory is getting built. The Signature Series has begun. The company has no debt, and 2 years of operating capital. The team is growing. No stock fire sales, from even one investor. There are those people who would look at the stock price and say, what is this, another (insert failed company here)? The answer is a simple, reliable, and kickass NO! This is a small but extremely healthy company about to put actual customer product on asphalt. I can't wait to drive the future!!
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Thanks for the notes, AnimalCage!

Audio and transcription are now up on our investor page.
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So I knew I had a few questionable interpretations from my sketchy notes. That's what I get for rolling out of bed ten minutes before the call, and a half hour before coffee!

First off, Terry Becker will be the COO, not the CFO.
Second, my first "0" was a misquote of what Mark said.
Third, the October 15 new hire was actually mid-October (Patrick West, Materials Director)

Sorry for any confusion I may have stirred up. Again, I was un-coffee'd, and peering through a slowly rising sleep fog.

On an up note, and the reason why I am still up at 2:45 am... I got home from my second shift at 1:00 am. Saw Arcimoto's email, read it thoroughly, and... Dudes! You quoted my last paragraph!! Seriously! You guys rock.
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Email From Arcimoto 09-29-17:

Now that Arcimoto is a public company, material disclosures are governed by a different set of rules. Today we did our first such release, which we think will be of interest to all of our supporters. You can listen to the audio of Mark’s prepared remarks on our investor page or read them below:

Good morning, I’m Mark Frohnmayer, Founder and President of Arcimoto. Before we dive into the good stuff, I want to cover two housekeeping details.

First, we’ll be doing a Q & A following the planned remarks. If you’d like to ask a question, you need to be logged in via the link available in the announcement of this call at You can request a question slot via the chat window in the zoom interface. When I’m ready for you to ask your question, I’ll call you out and unmute your line.

Second, on this call I plan to make forward-looking statements relating to, among other things, Arcimoto, Inc., our business plan and strategy, and our industry. These forward-looking statements are based on the beliefs of, assumptions made by, and information currently available to the company’s management. Statements including words like “estimate,” “project,” “believe,” “anticipate,” “intend,” “expect” and other similar expressions, identify and constitute forward-looking statements. These statements reflect Arcimoto management’s current views with respect to future events and are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause the company’s actual results to differ materially from those contained in the forward-looking statements. We caution investors not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of today, the date on which they are made. We do not undertake any obligation to revise or update these forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after today or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events.

And with that I’d like to welcome you all to Arcimoto’s first ever public investor call.

Arcimoto’s mission is to catalyze the shift to a sustainable transportation system. We started in 2007, exactly 10 years, to the day, before we closed our Reg A+ public offering. Over those ten years we’ve designed and built 8 generations of prototypes, garnered thousands of preorder customers and tens of thousands of online fans, and launched the world’s first Fun Utility Vehicle: the first affordable pure electric vehicle that breaks the tradeoff between utility and rightsized efficiency for the daily driver while delivering an incredibly fun ride.

Last week we closed, to our knowledge, the most successful vehicle company crowdfunding campaign in the history of the world, and listed our stock on Nasdaq, the world’s premier exchange for forward-looking technology companies.

The proceeds of this round exceeded our original goal for this raise nearly by a factor of two, and in the last week, we’ve hit the ground running.

The next critical step in the execution of Arcimoto’s goal of bringing everyday electric vehicles to the masses is to begin actually producing vehicles for real customers. Aside from a bankroll and an awesome product, there are two critical dimensions to building a successful production venture.

The first dimension is people: our team is our foundation, and we’ve added two very key members of that team to help drive the next stage of the venture.

Arcimoto Director Terry Becker has joined the Company as Chief Operations Officer and starts full time on Monday. Terry most recently served as Director of Engineering and Global Product Support at Peterson Pacific Corp, responsible for product development of forestry and recycling heavy equipment as well as the worldwide service network. Prior to Peterson, Terry held operations and executive engineering leadership roles at JBT AeroTech in the US and China, Country Coach Corp. and Arneson Marine. He will be responsible for all aspects of Arcimoto operations, including manufacturing, quality, supply chain, logistics, and inventory for Arcimoto's new U.S factory in Eugene, Oregon. The role also oversees Arcimoto engineering, R&D, and lean enterprise functions. He will report directly to me.

I’d like to add a little context of of the long term commitment Terry has already made to Arcimoto. As a director of the Company since we formalized our initial board, Terry has already helped shape Arcimoto’s key product and go-to-production plan. He’s a known quantity, has followed the company closely for years and understands the people, culture, and manufacturing needs of Arcimoto like no one else.

I’m also thrilled to welcome Patrick West as Materials Director at Arcimoto, who will come on full time in mid-October. In his most recent executive post, West served as Materials Manager for FCC Commercial Furniture, where he led the company’s demand management, supply chain development and sourcing functions. Prior to FCC, West served as the Vice President of Materials at Country Coach, as well as in executive positions at Westport Axle and Safari Motor Coach Corp. He will be responsible for all aspects of procurement logistics, supply chain development, production planning and inventory control for Arcimoto's new U.S. factory in Eugene. He will report directly to COO Terry Becker.

People need a place, which brings me to our second announcement. I’m beyond stoked that yesterday we received the necessary building permits from the City of Eugene Planning Department for leasehold improvements to our manufacturing plant. In order to produce vehicles at scale, we need a factory, and because we executed our site selection process in parallel with our public offering, we signed a lease on a suitable production space for our next stage in the final week of our public offering window. We take delivery of the 30,000 square foot building in West Eugene on October 1st. We have a permitted plan of modest improvements, and we’ll begin the move-in before November. Stay tuned for the announcement of our factory opening and Signature Series launch celebration.

Now, I understand that lofty visions are well and good, but I want to address, head-on, what has prompted some of the high-performing members of our selling group to wake me up with 6 AM phone calls several times over the last several days, which has been all about numbers - stock price, volume, and so on. I’m guessing more than a few of those listening are numbers folks, so, since it’s been 5 trading days since we went public on the exchange, I’d like you all to consider 5 key numbers:

0 - to date Arcimoto as a company has had a number of zeros, beyond just how many vehicles we’ve delivered to actual customers. First, Zero is the number of Arcimoto insiders, employees, former employees, angel investors and, critically, new investors who came in on the site who have sold their stock holdings. Our online portal was the single largest syndicate member in the IPO and included the single largest investor in our IPO, and of them all, zero have sold shares. Zero.

Zero is also the number of dollars of debt that the company carries into Q4.

Zero is the number of down rounds we’ve raised to date throughout 10 years of development.

Finally, we are delivering Signature Series vehicle #0 to our founder, our first paying customer, in the next quarter.

1 - at least one new syndicate investor has voiced the concern that Arcimoto’s stock could be headed straight towards one dollar a share. Let’s put that in perspective. Should Arcimoto’s stock price hit one dollar, that would mean that our market cap is equal to the cash sitting in our bank account. That would entirely neglect the 10 years of development, intellectual property portfolio, 1,821 customer preorders and counting, tens of thousands of fans, strategic relationships, exuberant press coverage, and unique position as the world’s first producer of the most affordable pure electric vehicle suitable for daily driving.

24 - is the number of months of runway we expect this round has provided Arcimoto. We’ve built the company over a decade with just $10M invested, and we owe that to two factors: first, this is Oregon - we are lean by philosophy and by necessity. And equally responsible is that we have a founder who put in the first 2 million, and I’ve shepherded every subsequent dollar in as if it were my own. Driving focus on what must be done, and more importantly, what we can look to others to provide. My commitment to you is that we will treat your investment with the same care,

The last two numbers are 103 million and 63,000 million. The market caps of the only two pure electric vehicle plays on Nasdaq as of the moment we filed our Form 8A. We see significantly more headroom above than downside below.

You can expect more numbers when we file our first 10Q.

When an entire life has led up to a venture it sets the tenor of the purpose of the venture. Arcimoto is about saving our one planet and providing a solution that consumers didn’t necessarily know they needed.

We are on the cusp of full production, are building arguably the most efficient everyday electric vehicle company in human history and will begin delivering Fun Utility Vehicles to paying customers, some who’ve waited for many years, next quarter.
We believe this is a long hold investment if ever there has been one. Our commitment to quality, our focus on the Fun Utility Vehicle, our passion for putting the planet first, and our dedication to those who truly believe in us is what Arcimoto has stood for from day one.

We intend to be here tomorrow, next week, next year, next decade as we become the vehicle company you say, “I believed in Arcimoto from the beginning”.

We are deeply grateful to all of you who’ve helped lift us to where we are today and we are excited beyond measure to deliver on what we have promised.

And now I’d like to open it up to questions. I’m joined by Vice President Jesse Fittipaldi and Skyaa, our PR Agency of record. We are here for the next ten minutes to answer your questions, and then, we gotta get to work.

We included the cleaned up Q&A in the full call transcript.

One of our preorder customers, who goes by AnimalCage on the SRK Owners forum fan site, listened in on the call and wrote a detailed call summary, concluding:

“My take on all this: The factory is getting built. The Signature Series has begun. The company has no debt, and 2 years of operating capital. The team is growing. No stock fire sales, from even one investor. There are those people who would look at the stock price and say, what is this, another (insert failed company here)? The answer is a simple, reliable, and kickass NO! This is a small but extremely healthy company about to put actual customer product on asphalt. I can't wait to drive the future!!”

Thanks AnimalCage! We can’t wait to build your (and everyone else’s) vehicle!

Team Arcimoto

This email was sent by Team Arcimoto at Arcimoto, Inc. - 544 Blair Blvd. Eugene, OR 97402.
Hah, that's awesome AnimalCage! I guess that counts as a warm welcome to the Arcimoto extended family. I for one couldn't agree more with what you've said (and I suppose the A Team couldn't either).

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