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Hitch option for cargo carriers
I agree. The SRK is going to be so FUNctional for a variety of uses within it's two range options.
 Eager to get in the Pilot seat!
(06-28-2017, 03:48 PM)DanCooper Wrote: Good point.  I don't have a spec for the maximum power for the charger on the SRK.  6 kW would power it at 30-35 mph.

Most EVs refuse to drive while charging - I doubt that the SRK will be any different.

(06-28-2017, 06:37 PM)DanCooper Wrote: {...} speed limit 60 mph, but at that speed I calculate the range to be 27 miles for the base battery.  {...}.

Isn't the base battery 12 kWh? By 'range' you must mean *half* of a round trip, correct? (54 miles total to get there and get home).

My Spark EV gets close to 5 m/kWh at 58-60 mph on flat ground - I would expect the SRK to get about the same (or better) - unless the CX is significantly worse on the SRV (which it might be, come to think of it, with no doors on the base model).
My simulation, based on the specifications I have and best guesses on everything else, shows the SRK getting 2.6 m/kWh at 55 mph. This is with a Cd estimate of 0.6 for open sides. The Spark EV is specified as a range of 82 miles and a battery of 19 kWh. That would give 4.3 m/kWh at some unspecified speed. If your Spark is really getting 5 m/kWh at 58-60 mph it is doing better than its specifications. Maybe the SRK would too. The SRK specified range comes to 5.8 m/kWh.

I have made my estimates to be conservative because I want to be honest and because I want an estimate of what trips would be practical in the SRK without pushing the limits. And I really don't trust range specifications that don't tell what speed they were measured at.

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